Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ugh......1 more day

    Carter's doing OK. Not much change from previous days. He was so happy last night. He was giggling so hard he couldn't stop. He walked all the way down the hall twice yesterday. He was very tearful this morning. He was crying because he misses Emily and he misses home. We thought he was going to get discharged today but the doctors felt 1 more day would be best. He's not eating or drinking much. If he eats and drinks we can go home tomorrow. Carter's OK with going home tomorrow as long as grandma, grandpa, and Emily come up to Peoria for the night. So now he's eagerly awaiting there arrival. Hope everyone has a great Saturday and I hope to have great news for you tomorrow!!!


  1. He better eat and drink toaday if he wants to come home tomorrow! Uncle Cat and Farley are eagerly waiting!

  2. Eat up sweet heart, and drink so you can get back to your house! Love and kisses, San and Papa Don