Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost 24 hours postop....

   Carter is doing well. A lot better than anticipated. He listens to the nurse and even though it hurts he tries to cough and deep breath for her. He us doing great with ice chips and he has had a few sips if water. Blood work and vital signs stable. All tubes and catheters draining well. He has some arterial lines, chest tubes, and other catheters and monitors. He is not restrained and tolerating all the cords like a trooper. They finally put him in some hospital pajamas. He is extremely weak and exhausted. Spent most of his day sleeping. When he is awake he complains of pain and thirst. His voice is also weak. We are having problems understanding him. Due to the breathing tube his voice is weak and hoarse. He moans most of the time. The 3 words he is speaking frequently are "drink" "thirsty" "ouch". I can't even begin to imagine the pain he is feeling. He has to be the toughest person I know. It's painful for adults who understand and anticipate that they will have pain....unfortunately he doesn't understand why he hurts so bad. He didn't understand what the word "surgery" meant. Since we packed our suitcases and stayed overnight in a hotel, he thought we were going on vacation. And then he wakers up feeling so miserable. He really is a trooper. Even though the pain us awful, he has been extremely lucky. He has had minimal complications!! Sorry I haven't updated much today but my mind is pretty foggy. Thank u all so much. We have the best family, friends, and community!!!!!


  1. We are praying and thinking of you all. Carter, you are one tough dude. Rick & Cindi

  2. Love to you all! I hope you all are able to get some rest tonight. Talk to you soon.


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