Sunday, September 16, 2012

No changes from Dr. Geiss. They gave Carter IV Lasix to remove the fluid from around his lungs. He is really weak but he's had no nutrition since Monday. They just started him back on Gatorade. He's not talking and breathes really shallow. We are trying to get him to talk in hopes it opens up his lungs. He loves subway. He asked for a subway sandwich and when we told him not yet tears rolled down his cheeks. He stuck out his lip. It was so cute yet so very sad. I can't even imagine what he's been thinking. Especially after the breathing tube incident yesterday. He's going to hate us forever. At this point I hate the fact I brought him to the hospital. 1 week ago he was laughing, playing, running, and having a great time with his friend Camden. We could definitely use something positive today. Just a little hope would be nice.


  1. He would never hate u... Don't even think that.. He's lucky to have both u and Matt... He's going to get back to running, playing and laughing, just going to take time... Just has to be very frustrating as parents to watch this... Let's hope a subway sandwich is in the near future! Xoxo

  2. Carter asking for a Subway is positive!!! He has an appetite, hate that he can't have one yet! He will and when he does, he will enjoy! He loves you and Matt, and Miss Em so much, that he will never hate any of you! Carter has a long life ahead to bring everyone around him joy and laughs.Don't beat yourself up sweetie, you and Matt had to do what needed to be done!
    Love San and Papa Don!!

  3. Don't beat yourself up Kim, hopefully he's headed in the right direction and he's asking to eat that is good. Keep your chin up, sending you guys a big hug. You did the right thing, he'll be up and going before you know it.

  4. I know it has to be very, very hard to not be able to fix it all, but hang in there, you're great parents, and he loves you so!! He's been added to several more prayer lists too!! Miss y'all, wish we could be there!! Love y'all!!

    1. It is never easy to watch your child suffer. Please know that God is with you and that prayer is very powerful. We are praying for Carter and your family.

  5. First message was from me.. Forgot to sign it... Heather


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