Friday, September 14, 2012

   The pediatric intensivist and the nurse practitioners did their rounds and stopped in to go over the plans for today. Carter's blood pressure was high yesterday so they had to increase his IV blood pressure medications. They did start him back on his oral blood pressure med. If they can wean him off the IV Med and the oral BP med works well to keep his blood pressure under control then they are hoping to remove his arterial lines tomorrow. He can not get out of bed until the arterial lines are removed. His xray also showed a pocket of fluid near the chest tubes so they are sending the xray to the surgeon. So we will find out more later. He is also getting a lot of blood out of his chest tubes so they are closely monitoring those. Overall no major complications. These are all things that can be fixed. He definitely made it through the worse part. He lost his perkiness from this morning. He's having pain again and is tired. He did have a jello cup and some a little bit of Gatorade. Today's just more rest, cough and deep breathing, and lots of fluids!!!

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