Friday, September 28, 2012

Carter's Progress!!

  It's been awhile since I posted. Carter seems to get a little stronger every day. He begged us to play outside yesterday. And his appetite is back. He's not eating a foot long sub yet but he's getting there. He ate a corn dog, 2 pieces of pie from Grandma Berniece (thank you), a slice of pizza, fruit pebble rice crispy treats from Brooke (thank you Brooke they are delicious), and lots of other goodies yesterday. He's up walking around the house. We don't let him go upstairs. His legs are still weak. We worry he might fall down the stairs. Overall he's making progress. He plays school and his Nintendo DS all day long. He is missing his friends!! He keeps telling me he's "better".  "I can play outside because I am better." Carter has an appointment Monday morning with his surgeon Dr. Fortuna. Should just be a check up. I think they will remove the stitches from the chest tube sites. That would make him one happy little boy!!

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