Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday afternoon

    It's been a cloudy dreary day here in Peoria. Its raining pretty hard right now. You can hear the rain hitting against our 4th floor window. I hope its not raining back home. I will pray for sunshine in Geneseo for all the homecoming festivities!! Go Green Machine!!!
      We have had a relaxing day here. Dr. Fortuna stopped in early this morning. He said Carter will probably be discharged tomorrow or Sunday. Carter has pooped twice...I can't believe how exciting pooping has become here. I guess when you don't poop for 10 days it becomes a special occasion. They are going to stop Carter's IV fluids tonight. So we are hoping his central line can come out tomorrow. They also did an echocardiogram today. We haven't heard the results but no news is good news here. They always do an echo before discharge so they probably did it today instead of the weekend. I am sure it was just routine. He also has a chest xray daily. Doctor said cray is better every day. The last 2 nights his oxygen levels have dropped into the 70-80% range so he has needed oxygen during the night. The doctors are not concerned about it. I hope that gets resolved before we come home. And thinking about home. Oh man do we ever miss our home. We can't wait!!!! 11 days has been enough. I can't believe we were here 34 days when Carter was born. How did we ever make it through? The walls are starting to close in on us. On the brighter side.......this could be our last night. Yea!!!!!


  1. Carter's homecoming is what I want to see! Farley is getting more excited every day I mention Carter's name, he misses his buddy!

  2. He sure does look good! So happy for ya'll! Bet Carter can't wait for his own bed either! Mary Ann

  3. I will be praying that you get to come home today. Keep up the good work. Let me know what your hungry for and I will bring it over.