Friday, September 14, 2012

9/14/12........It's Friday.

3 days postop. Carter seems to be in better spirits today. He slept well during the night and seems to be more comfortable today. The doctors haven't rounded yet this morning. The ICU is packed so it could be awhile until the docs make it to our room. They did try to wean Carter off his oxygen but his oxygen levels kept dipping so he's back on a very very small amount of oxygen. Platelets haven't recovered from surgery. They are still low at 49. The other concern is his chest tubes. They have been draining a lit of blood over the last 24 hours which isn't a problem just means he is still bleeding inside and not clotting. It's not a problem because eventually he will. But they might have to put medication in through the chest tubes. We will learn more when the doctors round. I will keep u all updated. Thank you!!!


  1. Thanx for the update! It sounds like his recovery is going well considering what he has all been through. Can't wait to see all of you tonight. Also, Miss Em and I had a great time last night...she's an amazing little girl! Again, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  2. Have a great Friday! Glad to hear things are progressing!

  3. Can he eat or drink anything yet? I promised him a surprise when I came back tonight. Maybe some super dooper H2O? See you tonight. I will text before we leave to see if you need anything. Love ya!

    1. He had some jellothis morning an some gatorade. We had to force it on him. He can have popsicles and jello and liquids.


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