Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Carter is awake and drowsy. He is actually doing very well. It willl be a hard day 4 him. 2 steps forward....1 step back. Blood pressure is stabilized. He does have pain. But he is listening to the nurses. Thank u all 4 your prayers. The power of prayer is awesome!!! Thank u!!!


  1. Yeah Carter!!! Good morning!
    We dropped a package in the mail today for him. Will has been asking about him. They said it should be there tomorrow. Hopefully it can find you guys!

  2. Your family has been in my thoughts everymoment! I will now be praying for an easy and speedy recovery for carter. Thank you so much for the updates as we are all thinking of him, and your family. Be strong and God Bless!!
    Dawn Driscoll

  3. So happy to hear this GREAT news! Power of prayer is truly amazing just like Carter's strength! Please let us know when extended family visitors are acceptable as I definitely woudl love to come and visit after he gets a little bit stronger!

    Love you all!
    Sara Paxson

  4. GREAT NEWS! Stay strong, my brave first grade friend!
    We miss you!


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