Friday, September 28, 2012

  Carter wanted to go outside really really bad. So Matt and I took him outside for a short picnic. He spent about 15 minutes in the sun and then decided it was "too bright" outside. He really enjoyed it though. Here's a few pictures of our picnic!!


  1. So happy right now, what great pictures!! Way to go Yackley's!!

  2. I love seeing Carter outside and he looks better and better each time you post! Good luck at your doctors appointment. We are really looking forward to his benefit this weekend! Will Carter get to come for any of it? Also, Will keeps wishing each day at school that they will say he is coming back, how long does he have to stay out of school?

    1. We received awesome news yesterday. Originally it was 6 weeks. We discussed tutoring options yesterday and his surgeon said as long as we are comfortable with his school and teacher (which we definitely are) then he can go back soon. He will start back half days next week!!! He misses his friends so much!!! Please tell Will Carter can not wait to see him and he will be there soon!! Yea!!