Friday, October 5, 2012

    A BIG thank you to TEAM CARTER!!!! You have been working so hard. We greatly appreciate all the time and hard work you have put into Carter's benefit. You are amazing!!! We love you all so much!!! Also thank you to my parents, uncle Turk, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Fran, and all their friends who helped prepare the food for tomorrow. Thank you Kelly Liedtke, Jessica's Grandma Pat H., and Meg Barr for donating food. There are so many people who have been hard at work this week. I am sure I forgot someone (I am sorry if I have left anyone out). As you cab tell I am so overjoyed. Words can not express how I am feeling tonight. I am excited, nervous, and completely thankful to everyone for helping with Carter's benefit. Matt and I have also spoke at great lengths about Carter attending the benefit. We also spoke with his doctor. Initially he was not going to be able to attend. Since he is doing so well his doctor gave us the OK to us our discretion. So tomorrow Carter will be at the benefit at 5pm. Probably for 30-45 minutes and then again around 8:30 or 9pm to hear his Grandpa Pete's band Filthy Frank play. He will be there until about 9:30. We have to limit exposure to infection. So we are going to wear a mask and do lots of hand washing. We hope to see u all tomorrow. With Carter doing so well this has turned into a celebration. We want to celebrate how wonderful our friends family and community. And show our appreciation. We would not have made it through without each and every one of u. THANK YOU!!!!

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