Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1st Postop Visit

   Yea!!!! Carter's appointment with the surgeon went really well. His labs showed that he was dehydrated. Which wasn't a big surprise since he is on the diuretic Lasix and he isn't drinking a lot of fluids. So Dr. Fortuna cut back his Lasix to 3 times a day.  Matt and I were also worried about his blood pressure medication. They had doubled the dose from before surgery. After talking with Dr. Fortuna he decided to go back to his presurgical dose.......yea!! He also removed his steri strips from his chest and his stitches from his chest tube sites. Nothing but healing wounds now!! Then we discussed in home tutoring and Dr. Fortuna said.........Carter can go back to school!!!! We do not have to wait 6 weeks. Yippee!!! He said as long as the environment is controlled and of coarse NO recess or gym class for 6 weeks then he felt it was ok for him to return. He still has to avoid infection. So he wants him to avoid crowds. He said to be extra careful. He can not be around those with coughs, colds, and definitely no one with the flu. I asked about the benefit this Saturday. He was real hesitant. He said it was too hard for us to control the environment. I think we have agreed on him going for dinner and staying for just a little bit. He will have to wear a mask. 7 years ago we should have bought stock in hand sanitizer....lol!!! Carter has an appointment with his cardiologist in Peoria on October 22nd and then a 2nd appointment with Dr. Fortuna his heart surgeon on October 29th!! Again I can not thank you all enough. We are so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


  1. Yay, Carter! We can't wait to have you back, buddy!

  2. Great news!!! Let's keep Carter healthy. Will will be so excited to here that he is coming back soon!!!