Sunday, August 12, 2012

Carter & Make-A-Wish

Click HERE to view Carter's Make-A-Wish Illinois Commercial

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  1. Jennifer - Team CarterAugust 14, 2012 at 6:04 PM

    We'd love to know you were here. Leave a message and say Hello! Thanks for visiting!!

  2. Thank you to everyone who has viewed Carter's blog page. Please feel free to leave a message. We are truly blessed at the out pouring of support we have received. Thank you all for visiting his page. We will keep you posted on his journey. Thank you, The Yackley family

  3. was told by a friend of your amazing son ! as a family, we sat and read carters story, listened to the song and cried. how strong you must be, kim, yet how weak as to be able to get thru this and take every small step with deep breaths, holding every second in your heart, but wanting everything to be all right, right now!, letting go and letting a mother, i think~"i could never make it thru all that you have".....but what i am truly saying is "i pray i never have to. that none of my children will ever have to.' like the song said, "cant give you half my heart and pray He can make you whole...." else there would bo lots of people willing to help carter.
    totally helpless short of prayers, but what better?! would love to donate some things for the auction.....will email for detals.

  4. Well we just finished up celebrating Carter's birthday. He turned 7 on August 20th. We had a very nice celebration. He was Super Dooper excited. I thought I should write a little note since today things have finally calmed down in our crazy hectic life. I realized Carter's surgery is 2 weeks from today. Around this time, 2 weeks from now, Carter should be coming out of surgery. Please continue to pray for Carter. He is so innocent and fearless that he has no idea what is to come. He contiunes to laugh, smile, and play. He really doesn't know what it means to have a "broken heart". He looks so happy and healthy. May God continue to keep him that way up until his surgery and for those crucial weeks following surgery!!